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Synergy Sports Therapy provides a variety of therapeutic, health, and fitness services to meet the needs of every individual. We are proud to have helped Cleveland Browns players, Detroit Lions players, World Champion runners, Olympic Team soccer players, Olympic Medalist ice skaters and many people just looking to recover or feel their best. But we’re more than just massage, we’re proud to offer a full suite of recovery modalities, including the first studio in Ohio and the east coast to offer cryotherapy.

As an athlete, I go to Synergy...

to help aid in recovery from training and competitions. In addition, I also find that I hold a lot of stress in certain areas of my body. Synergy is able to target what is causing the pain and help me find relief. I really appreciate that they are also educated and experienced in several different techniques of massage thus being able to use a combination to help my body function properly again. 5 stars!! Highly recommend!!

-- Laura W

Best massage in town!

"My wife and I go once a month and it keeps us feeling great! Ask for Stacie. They also offer Yoga, sell essential oils and have the areas only cryogenic chamber. I hear it is amazing though I've not tried it myself. Many of the Cleveland Browns rely on synergy to keep them feeling good and it's easy to see why. Check it out!"

-- Keith W.

Thanks for giving part of my life back.

"Turn back the clock on MS. I have been doing cryotherapy several times a week. I have had MS going on twenty eight years. The result from cryo has been amazing. Results from the first visit. I am now doing restorative yoga once or twice a week, the massages are a big help. The therapy has also made my arthritic shoulders and neck feel better. Can you spare three minutes to get relief?...I want to thank them for giving part of my life back."

-- Thomas Rhoerty

This is my second home!

"They have helped me so much with my RA, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and migraines. I can't tell you how much that has helped me! I leave there feeling like a new person! I take three classes a week in their AntiGravity Restorative Yoga and it is relaxing and yet, it gets those muscles stretching and your breathing deeper....opening up your lungs....it's the best.  Oh, yes I also do their cryotherapy when my RA flares and my fibromyalgia and a couple of session of those... I start feeling great, again! "

-- Deborah P.

The place you want to be in the Cleveland area.

"This facility, the owner-Mary, and its amenities are terrific. They offer massage, bounce classes, anti-gravity classes, cryotherapy, salt water floatation (Amazing by the way) as well as detailed help for athletes and weekend sports warriors. They have packages for kids - because we know their sports programs can leave them overworked. Give Mary a call, and see what else she can do. She will be adding more classes and she constantly adds more knowledge to herself with educational ventures."

-- Michelle P.

Synergy Sports Therapy

Synergy Sports Therapy

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