The Synergy Difference

Why Choose Synergy For Your Next Massage or Class?

We are not your typical massage office!  When it comes to massage, we are dedicated to treating each client as an individual and will create a massage plan that is best for you...even if that means we spend extra time with you to get the job done!  We will not rush you out the door immediately after your massage.  When we say you get a 60 minute massage, you will get a full 60 minutes of hands on massage every time!

Licensed Massage Therapists  Our massage therapists are hand-picked experts in their field. We require our LMT's to have appropriate certifications in their areas of expertise as well as extensive experience. After our LMT's have met our requirements “on paper”, they must demonstrate an ability to provide a high quality and knowledgeable massage that can only be found at Synergy.  We also maintain a continuing education requirement for each therapist so that we are up to date on the best techniques available!

While we have "sports" in our name, we don't just cater to athletes!  We might specialize in sports massage, but what we do can work for any client!  We offer a variety of massage types and will cater the massage to your specific needs!  Having a foundation in sports actually allows us to help many clients who suffer from chronic pain, are recovering from injuries, rehabbing after surgeries, etc.  While all of our massages can be considered Therapeutic, here are some of the additional massage options we offer: Deep Tissue, Rossiter, Pregnancy, Swedish, Relaxation, Active Release Techniques (ART), Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) and Ashiatsu.

Unique programs and equipment  Our facility incorporates both cutting edge and time-tested methods to help any client better achieve their goals no matter if they are athletic, rehabilitation from injury, or overall health and well-being. We also offer complementary techniques and equipment you won’t find anywhere else, such as AntiGravity® Yoga and Whole Body Cryotherapy!

You will see results  Synergy prides itself in knowing that each client that walks through our door will leave feeling and moving better than before!  You will achieve the results you have been looking for even if you have been in chronic pain for some time.  In the rare and unlikely event that we are unable to improve your condition, we are not afraid to let you know right away and we will refer you to another medical professional that can better assist you.  Our first and only goal is to help our clients!

You get what you pay for  While our prices may seem higher than some other businesses around the area, we are confident that after one visit, you will fully understand why there is a difference.  It takes significant training and dedication to be effective and knowledgeable in this field.  In order to maintain high educational standards and provide the best care for our clients, we must regularly update our certifications and education.  Rest assured that by paying a slightly higher price, you are receiving the best and most qualified therapists and instructors in the Cleveland area.